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Man Claims He Sees Ghost of Nurse Standing Outside Home

( Image: Kennedy News and Media)

A man from Launceston in Cornwall claims that he has seen what he is calling a “nurse ghost” outside of his home, and that they activity started back on November 13th of this year, according to the Mirror.

Rob Williams, says that he was initially alerted when his phone received a notification that something has set off his motion-sensor doorbell camera, which is pointed tot his top floor flat, and it recorded what seems to be a person standing at the bottom of the steps.

“At first I thought it might have been somebody drunk just standing there but it wasn’t a solid figure.” Williams said, per the report.

“I watched it for about 20 seconds and then [the lights] went off and there was nothing there. It proper freaked me out. I couldn’t really work out what it was.

“I didn’t know what it was but it had the characteristics of a person – you can clearly see a head with a hat and the shape of a body but it was slightly transparent” Williams said, adding that he immediately told his girlfriend what he saw.

“I literally got on the phone to my girlfriend and told her straight away. I sent her the clip and she was like ‘what the hell is that!’

“It’s pretty creepy. I didn’t get much sleep that night – I slept with the lights on.

“I’ve still got the video saved and I keep watching it again and the more I watch it I think ‘that’s strange’.

“You can trawl the internet for ghost videos and some of them you think ‘come off it’ but [this video is] the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Williams, a forklift driver, posted the video online, but was met with skepticism and questions of legitimacy. Williams even received a message from a woman claiming to be a medium who had communicated with the ghostly figure.

“I had a message pop through [after posting the video online] – I don’t know the lady but apparently she’s a medium” Williams said of the woman. “She said she’s always been gifted in that sort of aspect.

“She said the lady that came to visit me is called Helen and she’s got this whole back story that she was a nurse that used to work in the big hospital which used to be probably 30 seconds across from my building.”

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