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Abandoned Sailboat Found in the Atlantic Ocean Near Bermuda

Abandoned Sailboat Bermuda

Footage has dropped that shows a mysterious “ghost ship” abandoned and drifting 800 miles from Bermuda that had no living person aboard, or in sight of the abandoned vessel floating in the sea.

Two yachts from Ocean Research Project made the discovery as they were sailing through the Atlantic. Upon investigating they found that neither the sail nor the engine of the boat was operational.

The footage of the exploration of the abandoned boat was taken by Matt Rutherford, who is an experienced sailor who had been the first man ever to traverse North and South America without stopping.

“This is one awfully abandoned sailboat. Wolfhound from the Irish yacht club” he said in the video. “I have no idea what’s inside, I’m going to go and search around and I hope I don’t find any dead bodies or anything.”

“This is absolutely crazy by the way. 800 miles from Bermuda, 1,500 miles from the US, standing on a very nice Swan 48, in the middle of the ocean.”

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