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You Can Book A Camping Trip at ‘The Conjuring House’

The Conjuring House camp

For all you paranormal and horror lovers you may have your dream vacation already set to go.

People can now camp at the infamous “Conjuring House” located in Burrillville, Rhode Island, the home that was once considered too haunted to live in and was the center of the world famous movie ‘The Conjuring’ and the spawn of a horror franchise that would experience immense success both in theaters and on the top horror streaming platform out there.

The new trend is apparently called “Ghamping” and it combines paranormal encounters with camping. You can secure tent reservations on the property from June up until October, and there are a number of date still open.

The official website instructs campers to being a respectful offering and invoking protection against anything suspicious. It is clear that they are trying to bring in fans of the paranormal and paranormal investigators as well.

The site offers 8n different camping locations, including a location near an extraterrestrial portal, a pet cemetery, and “The Floating Regrets Tent.” It also warns campers to expect encounters or sounds of wildlife such as foxes, snakes, coyotes, bats, frogs, turkeys, chipmunks, ticks, birds, mosquitoes, and other mysterious creature

For the price tag between $300 and $400 a night you can have your own experience.

The iconic story of the home claims that it is haunted by the spirit of Bathsheba Sherman, a former resident in the 1800s.

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