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Spirit Caught On Camera At New Orleans T-Shirt Shop

Shirt of the Month Club ghost

A New Orleans based t-shirt company had a ghostly visitor earlier this month, one that was apparently caught on film and made the local news round as store owners Jackie and John Abston shared their experience that is likely to attract paranormal investigators locally, nationally, and even from around the world.

Shirt of the Month Club, a shop located on St. Ann Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana, captured the mysterious figure on the store’s video surveillance footage, which was discovered by the store owners.

Fortunately, the owners’ story was picked up by local news ABC WGNO News, who then took to YouTube to upload and share the video, which you can see below and make your own determination on what could be going on:

The footage shows a door in the shop opening slightly on it’s own, and a white orb can be visibly seen floating through one of the frames. The video also showed what appeared to be a reflection in another door that seemed to be moving.

After reviewing the footage, the store owners discovered, upon inspection, that nothing in the store was missing, misplaced, or otherwise disturbed, adding another layer the peculiar story that has been covered by horror journalists and news media.

“We believe it was just a friendly French Quarter spirit just checking out our new t-shirt collection after having one too many Sazeracs” Jackie said.

The owners believe that the spirit haunting store simply is a fan of the t-shirts they are selling, and also believe that this recent experience was merely the beginning of their encounters with the local spirits and paranormal.

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