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Security Camera in San Cayetano Captures Mysterious Figure

San Cayetano ghost

A security camera is making headlines for the ghostly figure it caught on film on the corner of San Cayetano neighborhood, the former location of Bar el Popeye, and the footage has left people mystified.

The event occurred in the late hours of Friday, May 26th at around 3:49 am, as the camera recorded what appeared to be a silhouette traveling about the Josefino neighborhood, in the footage that lasted around 36 seconds in total time.

Many, including, paranormal phenomena experts, have already discounted it as a potential person or animal due to it’s rapid motion and the movement of the shadow at ground level, which is separate from the camera itself.

The San Cayetano neighborhood has been the center of chatter ever since, and while the video was initially uploaded to YouTube for all to see, it has since been removed.

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