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San Cayetano ghost San Cayetano ghost


A security camera is making headlines for the ghostly figure it caught on film on the corner of San Cayetano neighborhood, the former location...

24 eyed creature


While exploring the brackish water of shrimp ponds at Mai Po Nature Reserve in Hong Kong, scientists made a shocking discovery – a brand...

Shirt of the Month Club ghost


A New Orleans based t-shirt company had a ghostly visitor earlier this month, one that was apparently caught on film and made the local...

The Conjuring House camp


For all you paranormal and horror lovers you may have your dream vacation already set to go. People can now camp at the infamous...

Cleethorpes Beach ghost Cleethorpes Beach ghost


A brand new photo has emerged that has people in shock, as a ghostly figure was apparently captured on camera at Cleethorpes Beach that...

trail cam ghost trail cam ghost


Hunters in New York were taken by surprise when their trail cam showed footage proving that they may not have been alone when walking...

charlie haunted doll charlie haunted doll


BBC viewers have been changing the channel in order to avoid seeing the creepy “haunted” doll named ‘George’, which had a dead man’s eyes...

NEW Loch Ness monster


A Lake Monster that is drawing comparisons to the iconic Loch Ness Monster of Scotland, has reportedly been spotted by locals in a reservoir...

UFO news UFO news


A couple in Boston, Massachusett’s have reported seeing a bright orb-like object moving upwards on the early morning of December 6th, and following the...

Shadow Figure Attacking Goat Shadow Figure Attacking Goat


A strange shadow creature, which is apparently very well known in South East Asia, has been caught on film apparently attacking a goat and...

The devil made me do it The devil made me do it


A Boston, Massachusetts woman, Nikea Rivera, has been officially charged with arson after investigators said she started a fire in her home that sent...

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